• 1Organisational Information
  • 2Project Information
  • 3Funding Purpose
  • 4Applicant's Declaration

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1 Organisational Information

Organisation Address

2 Project information

3 Funding purpose and requirement

4 Declaration by Applicants

Organisation statement: accuracy of information *

I certify that the information given on this form regarding my organisation and project is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if it is later established that my organisation does not qualify for this programme then the organisation will be required to repay any grant awarded in full.

Organisation statement: sharing of information *

From time to time EMEC appoints trusted partners / subcontractors to support its activities. I agree to EMEC sharing application information with any sub-contractor/partner who will support in the appraisal of the application.

Organisation statement: scope and guidance *

I agree to the Scope and Guidance document of the Offshore Wind Research and Innovation Programme if the project application is successful

Organisation statement: due diligence *

The organisation agrees to financial due diligence checks being conducted if the project application is successful.

Organisation statement: authority *

I agree I have authority to submit this application on behalf of my organisation.